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YouTube, You Teach? Der Einsatz von audiovisuellen Medien im DaF-Unterricht

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About This Course

The SoNetTE OCW course “Mediating cultures through audiovisual media” explores the interwined use of audiovisual resources and cultural contents in the Foreign Language Classroom. The aim is to raise student’s linguistic and cultural awareness through the work with authentic – in particular audiovisual – materials as easily accessible windows to the target culture.

As far as methodology and learning strategies are concerned, the training module focuses on the use of audiovisual resources in order to raise students’ motivation and promote independent learning; among others, subtitling techniques as a teaching resource are used.

Special focus will also be put on CLIL, standing for Content and Language Integrated Learning, is a pragmatic and professionally accepted innovative approach to foreign language learning that is based on the integration of language with (non-language) content in a dual-focussed learning environment. Beyond enhancing students’ engagement in the classroom, this technique allows us to work with the 4Cs: audiovisual products are culture-embedded and they provide specific contents (for the subject being taught, for instance); also, they can contribute to stimulate communication among students and trigger cognition processes. Moreover, the course participants will develop and share a pool of audiovisual learning materials.

This approach has emerged throughout Europe to enhance the value of European linguistic diversity and to improve the second language competence of students at the primary, secondary and tertiary level (Coleman, 2006; Marsh, 2005).

The course is 3 ECTS. Languages used: English, Spanish, German and French

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Bianka Fuchs


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Shona Whyte


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Katja Zaki


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    Oct 05, 2015
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    Dec 23, 2015